Bonnycastle Investment Consulting Solutions


Bonnycastle is a family name, pre-dating Confederation. 

A native of England, Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Richard Henry Bonnycastle graduated from the Royal Military Academy as a Royal Engineer. At the time, his training included not only weaponry and fortifications but also infrastructure (including waterways), cartography, meteorology, geology, drawing and painting (the latter skills required for military purposes). 

After serving on the European Continent and in North America (including the War of 1812-1814), Bonnycastle was posted to Upper Canada. During this time, he oversaw the construction and fortification of Fort Henry (Kingston) as well as other engineering/ordnance projects in York (Toronto) and Fort George (Niagara-on-the-Lake). He came to public prominence as a commanding officer defending Kingston during the Rebellion of 1837-1839. For his actions, he was knighted. 

Author, historian, artist, mineralogist, husband, father and soldier, Bonnycastle took the opportunity to see and record his experiences in what we now know as Canada. His collected volumes are still available at some libraries. 

Bonnycastle’s portrait hangs at the Toronto Reference Library (Baldwin Collection). 

Like our namesake, Bonnycastle Investment Consulting Solutions: 

· Engineers a plan for our clients’ investable assets 

· Constructs a governance framework for the plan 

· Maps out a clear and concise strategy for implementing the plan 

· Monitors and records the progress of the plan on a quarterly basis 

· Fortifies and strengthens the plan on an ongoing basis   

Image Courtesy of Toronto Public Library (Baldwin Collection DC-JRR460)

Image Courtesy of Toronto Public Library (Baldwin Collection DC-JRR460)