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We are a boutique investment consulting firm which is independent and unbiased. We were founded in 2005. We have more than 45 years of experience working with and for money management firms. Specifically, we have more than 20 years of experience monitoring money managers. This knowledge and experience assists us in evaluating money managers and their portfolio strategies. In addition, we understand and are successful at working with clients who are in highly regulated industries.  



 Jeffrey Hand, President 

Jeffrey leads the team and has more than 25 years of investment industry experience including 20 years monitoring Money Managers. He has extensive experience working with clients in developing and implementing solid investment governance foundations and assisting in creating successful investment strategies using a variety of asset classes, in a multi-manager environment. 


Prior to founding Bonnycastle Consulting, he was an Investment Consultant and Managing Director at Global Investment Solutions, for almost 10 years. He is an owner of Global Manager Research, a research company focused on investment performance databases, including and peer group reporting to the P&C Insurance industry with the Property & Casualty Investment Monitor (PCIM). Prior to this, he was a senior executive in the investment industry for Money Managers who utilized both internal and external portfolio management teams. 

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Our area of expertise is in Investment Governance. We offer clients a range of services customized to meet their needs. We are an outsourced resource for our clients’ families, firm management, Investment/Finance Committees and Boards. These services include the following:  


 Quarterly Investment Monitoring Service  - Customized to meet the unique needs of each client, including their regulatory constraints or environment. The quarterly  monitoring provides an understanding of the current investment outlook, identifies any significant changes with the money managers, monitors the key performance metrics and highlights any concerns in the portfolio. If there are concerns, we will outline the options to resolve them and provide a recommendation. We also suggest new appropriate investment products for our client’s consideration.   

Investment  Manager Review/Search - Review of existing money managers in the portfolio  or provide custom money manager searches utilizing our proprietary money manager database and conducting numerous manager meetings. We analyze managers based on 10 key criteria, working from the client’s search criteria and not from proprietary recommended lists. Our previous extensive money management firm experience enhances the analysis process. 


 Investment Policy Statement Review and Creation – Our experience working with and as well as for clients allows us to add value to this essential foundational process and resulting documentation. 

 Investment Mandate Statement Review and Creation – Provides clients and their money managers with a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities for each specific mandate. This document is vital in order to create a successful investment monitoring process.

Investment Governance Seminar – This full day seminar defines the roles and responsibilities of Investment Governance. We provide both the theoretical information as well as examples and solutions to the Board and Management

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Our current client list include Institutions, Property and Casualty Insurance companies, Foundations, Family Offices and small pension plans. We have also provided project work for Hospital and Investment Funds. Prospective clients may contact us directly or use the form below. 

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